• Permanent, Guaranteed, Gorgeous
    Metal Roofing For Savannah,
    Hilton Head Island & Beaufort.

  • Asphalt Roofs Must Be
    Regularly Repaired
    & Last 15 Years, Tops.

    Metal Roofs Are ZERO Maintenance & Last Forever—GUARANTEED.

  • Metal Is The Only Roofing Material That’s

    Asphalt? Not So Much.

  • Don’t Buy A FAKE Metal Roof!
    Cut-Rate Pricing Means
    You’re Getting Inferior Barn Metal.

  • 95% ROI.
    30% Lower Energy Bills.
    A Lifetime Of Performance.

    Metal Roofing Isn’t A “Purchase”… It’s An INVESTMENT.

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What Your Neighbors Are Saying About Legacy Metal Roofs…

  • Charmaine’s New Metal Roof Does It All

    “My new metal roof is super-efficient and has cut dollars from my electric bill. But mostly, I love that it is so beautiful. It has increased my property value far above what I paid for the roof, and I get compliments on this so very often!”


  • Ted’s New Metal Roof Has Admirers

    “We are completely satisfied with our new roof. We have people who drive by stop and tell us how nice and attractive it looks!”

    —Ted F

  • Timothy Never Has To Replace His Roof Again

    “We cannot be more pleased with our metal roofing project. With its look/style, along with the expectation of durability and longevity, we’ll not need to address any roofing replacements in the future. Metal roofing should be a highly considered option for both anyone building a new home or purchasing an existing home.”

    —Timothy Y

  • Ralph's Got Lower Energy Bills

    “My last energy statement indicated that we used 78kwh/day on average a year ago, but only 66kwh/day this year! What a roof!”


Don’t Buy A FAKE Residential Metal Roof!

In an effort to capitalize on the growing popularity of metal roofing in the Savannah, Hilton Head Island, and Beaufort areas, some companies advertise cute-rate pricing on residential metal roofs. This is NOT the type of metal roof you want on your home!

Lowball pricing on residential metal roofing means one thing: You’re getting a FAKE metal roof. These bargain-bin-priced metal roofs are known as barn metal roofing—a cheap, inefficient type of metal roofing that is NOT fit for residential homes. Learn the details here now; save yourself heartache later.

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