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The Best Roofing Material For Your Home

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Not many people like thinking about home improvement projects, especially if those projects involve a large portion of your home, like your roof. Putting off a roof replacement is never a good idea, but we know the project can be daunting if thought about for too long. From the cost, to picking the right contractor, to picking what type of roof you want to install, it can all be a bit overwhelming. 

There are two roofing materials on the market that currently seem to be the most popular: asphalt and metal. While the safest choice might seem to be choosing to install an asphalt roof, living in Savannah, you may want to reconsider some of the pitfalls of that roofing material, and why installing a metal roof might just be the best choice for your home. 

Longevity of Material

We know that asphalt shingles are a very appealing roofing material, because they are cheaper to install than most other materials, and they also boast a 17-20 year long life span. Most homeowners think they could handle having to replace their home’s roof every 15-20 years, and they wouldn’t be wrong. It’s not a bad investment – if that time frame were accurate. The weather climate in Savannah does not treat asphalt shingles well, and typically those longevity estimates can be cut in half, or even a third, with some asphalt shingles failing on Savannah home’s roofs in a little more than one year. 

It’s all about the composition and the climate. Savannah’s air is quite humid and the moisture can adversely affect the glue used to hold down the shingles. Additionally, the coast can get severe thunderstorms, which produce hail, and even the occasional hurricane or two. Asphalt shingles just aren’t created to withstand such intense wind and rain, and will likely be torn off or damaged in severe weather. Metal roofs, on the other hand, are built with heavy storms in mind, and have a lifetime guarantee against all leaks – even weather-related ones. 

A Greener Choice

Along the same lines as material longevity, metal roofs are by far the more green material than asphalt. In order to install a new asphalt roof, the old shingles have to be removed (or they should be, if installed properly). Asphalt shingles cannot be recycled, so they end up in a landfill. Metal roofs can be installed over an existing asphalt roof without detriment, therefore saving those shingle from having to be tossed out. Metal roofs also have a lifetime guarantee, meaning they’ll never have to be replaced. But on the off-chance that they do, the metal can easily be recycled and used to make something else. 

Energy Efficiency

Although you may think that a metal roof would cause your home to be hotter, it is actually quite the opposite. Metal roofs actually reflect 90% of the sunlight they receive, keeping your home cooler in those hot summer months. Whereas an asphalt roof absorbs sunlight, causing the air-conditioning to have to turn on more frequently, a metal roof will reduce your energy bills, as less cooling power will be needed. Metal roofs are also insulated against escaping heat, keeping your home warmer in the colder months.

More Information

Although it is true that a metal roof is a greater up-front cost, we like to refer to that as a long-term investment in your home. By choosing a metal roof, you are choosing a lifetime roof which will provide your home with a great ROI and savings throughout the years. If you would like a free quote or are looking for more information on the benefits a metal roof can provide for your home, feel free to reach out to us. You can contact us by filling out our easy online form or by calling us at (844) 241-0845 today! 

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