The Last Roof You’ll Ever Buy—Guaranteed.

Church Roof Replacement For The Savannah, Hilton Head Island & Beaufort Areas

When Churches Want Guaranteed & Permanent Roofing,
They Turn To Legacy Metal Roofs

Is your Savannah, Hilton Head Island, or Beaufort-area church in need of roof replacement? When considering your options, keep in mind that some roofing materials—such as asphalt shingles—last as little as 10 to 15 years.

And let’s face it: Does replacing your church’s roof once every decade sound all that appealing… or frugal?

At Legacy Roofs, we specialize in permanent, guaranteed metal roofing. Metal roofing lasts for life, looks fantastic, and can cut energy costs substantially. As a remodeling project, a metal roof is one of the best and highest-reward investments you can make in your church. And since our metal roofs come in a wide variety of styles, it’s easy to find the look that perfectly complements your church’s aesthetics.

When it comes to church roof replacement in the Savannah, Hilton Head Island and Beaufort areas, we offer two installation options:

1) We can perform the complete installation or…

2) We can provide you with the materials and support to install the metal roof yourself.

Some churches that have chosen the second option have cut their costs up to 50%, since they completed part of the work themselves with the guidance of our trained church roofing craftsmen. But no matter which option you pick, we make absolutely sure the project is smooth sailing from start to finish.

Our approach is not one-size-fits-all—we know your church is one of a kind! So we follow a custom-solution five-step process with all church roofing projects.

Part of this process includes a true-cost roofing consultation to ensure your church leadership and congregation have all the facts to make an informed decision. We can also guide you through the material and selection process if you’re unsure of what you want.

Bottom line: We remove ALL the uncertainty, overwhelm, and confusion that can come with church roofing replacement in the Savannah, Hilton Head Island, and Beaufort areas.

If you’d like to know more about replacing your church’s current roof with a metal roof, explore the following links. They’ll get you up to speed on the basics of metal roofing, and why it’s exploding in popularity with homeowners, businesses, and churches alike.

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Once you’ve learned a little bit about metal roofing from these pages, get in touch with us for a consultation and quote. We love helping local churches get the beautiful, lifetime-lasting roofing solution they deserve.