The Last Roof You’ll Ever Buy—Guaranteed.

If A Roofer Says They Can Sell You A Metal Roof For Cheaper Than The Competition, Run Away!

Cut-rate pricing on residential metal roofing in the Savannah, Hilton Head Island, and Beaufort areas means one thing: You’re buying screw-through barn metal.

In other words: a FAKE metal roof!

Quality metal roofing is essentially permanent and will add beauty to your home for decades to come. But not all metal roofing is created equal. In an attempt to offer a cheap alternative to permanent roofing, some roofers sell and install material designed to be used on non-heated agricultural buildings.

That’s right… barn metal.

It’s easy to spot a barn-metal roof, if you know what to look for. Though barn-metal roofing can look like standing seam residential roofing from far away, there is one key difference: the screws on barn-metal roofing are on the outside of the roof.

Also known as “screw-through,” this kind of roof can be a real problem when installed on your home. At first, a screw-through roof may appear attractive and stout. But problems can develop very quickly.

Because screw-through panels expand and contract daily in the sun’s heat—and the panels are screwed directly to your roof deck—that daily expansion and contraction begins to loosen the screws. Water then travels down the screws and causes drips from the roof base. This can cause mold, mildew, and stains in your attic.

Think about it. Hundreds of loose screws punched directly through your roof deck. That’s a BIG problem—one that requires you to replace the screws every few years.

In addition, sometimes installers don’t always put in screws perpendicular to the roof. Sun hits the rubber washer, breaking it down and wearing away that seal of protection. The result? LEAKS.

This screw-through roof was installed just three years ago…

It looks nice… until you get a look at what’s going on underneath the panels.

The dark spots you see in the following picture is where the roof is leaking in several places…

The roof decking is also rotten…

And there’s mold growth starting inside the home…

This poorly ventilated screw-through roof had to be completely replaced after just three years.

So when a roofer tells you they can sell you a metal roofer cheaper than the competition—or even cheaper than asphalt—they’re probably talking about screw-through barn-metal roofing. Screw-through metal roofing works fine for agricultural buildings (i.e., buildings without an attic). But it’s the LAST thing you want on your home.

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