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When It Comes To Metal Roofing In Savannah, Hilton Head Island
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Country Manor Shake

The Elegance Of Wood Shake—Without The Wood-Related Hassles

Hand-split wood shake roofing provides a unique and charming accent to homes. There is no question that shake roofing looks fantastic.

But let’s be honest—wood isn’t exactly the most ideal material for a roof. Wood shake roofing is vulnerable to insects, moisture, fire, cracking, and rotting… NOT the kinds of things you want to worry about with your roof. One wind-blown ember from a chimney or wildfire can spell disaster.

Our roof shakes are crafted from high-grade metal. They look beautiful, and they present NONE of the problems that wood shakes do. Blending gorgeous aesthetics with take-charge strength, our Country Manor Shake line is made especially for coastal climates.


  • Finished in a Hi-R Kynar paint that has a solar reflectance rate as high as 46% for big energy savings
  • Crackproof, rustproof, and fireproof… PERIOD
  • Weathertight sealing maximizes snow and rain protection
  • Unique nail-clip fasteners allow for natural expansion and contraction, so the roof will last decades longer than comparable roofing options
  • Resists streaking and staining
  • Withstands 200mph winds
  • Environmentally friendly

Country Manor Shake Color Options

Rustic Shingle

Metal Shingles That Mimic Wood Grain With Mirror-Image Accuracy

Our Rustic Shingle line gives you the classic look of wood grain… without the heavy-duty upkeep wood typically requires.

With Rustic Shingle metal roofing, you won’t have to worry about rotting, splitting, warping, and other wood-related problems. You get pure, unbridled curb appeal AND maximum protection for your home.


  • Made with ultra-stout 0.019” aluminum alloy to ensure PERMANENT protection
  • Four-way interlocking design withstands high-velocity hurricane winds up to 200mph
  • Hi-R Kynar paint finish reflects the parts of the sun’s rays that cause heat buildup, keeping your home cooler during summer months
  • Fireproof, insect-proof, rot-proof, warp-proof… EVERYTHING-proof
  • Environmentally friendly

Rustic Shingle Color Options

Oxford Shingle

Looks Like Asphalt… But Lasts For LIFE

You can get maybe 10 to 12 years out of a conventional asphalt shingle roof in the Savannah, Hilton Head Island, and Beaufort areas. While a popular material for roofing, asphalt just isn’t the way to go if you’re looking for a long-term roofing solution.

Our Oxford Shingle (and Slate Rock Oxford Shingle) line recreates the traditional look of asphalt shingles while lasting for life. Never worry about common asphalt shingle problems again—Oxford Shingle metal roofing protects your home with a fireproof, insect-proof, waterproof composition. Say goodbye to replacing and repairing shingles!


  • Made with 0.024” thick aluminum alloy
  • Four-way interlocking panels withstand high-velocity winds
  • Available in a variety of Kynar 500 or Hylar 5000 PVDF resin-based finishes for great energy performance
  • Fade and chalk resistant
  • Waterproof, fireproof, and insect-proof
  • No rotting, cracking, rusting, staining, or streaking
  • Designed to withstand harsh coastal conditions
  • Environmentally friendly

Oxford Shingle Color Options

Slate Rock Oxford Shingle Color Options

ClickLock Premium Standing Seam

A Sleek, Clean Appearance With Zero Exposed Fasteners

Our ClickLock Premium Standing Seam metal roofing features narrow 12” panels for a contemporary look that’s scaled perfectly for residential homes.

Unlike screw-through barn metal roofing, the ClickLock line has concealed fasteners to eliminate the chance of rubber washer failure beneath the screw heads. Stainless steel fastening clips allow for natural expansion and contraction while ensuring a secure and lasting attachment.


  • Comes in thick, heavy-duty 0.032” aluminum alloy, steel, or copper
  • Special energy-efficient reflective coating
  • Fade-resistant and maintenance-free
  • Will not rust, crack, or rot
  • Fireproof and insect-proof
  • “Snap lock” connection withstands hurricane-level winds
  • Reflects heat to keep your attic and home cooler during the summer
  • Concealed fasteners for a clean and tailored look
  • Environmentally friendly

ClickLock Premium Standing Seam Colors

Universal Standing Seam

Beautiful On Structures Large And Small

The Universal Standing Seam line comes with 16” wide panels that look good on both small and large buildings. Interlocking vertical seams provide a waterproof final product, while hidden built-in fastening hems allow for natural expansion and contraction for a lifetime-lasting roof.


  • Manufactured from US G90 galvanized steel
  • Maintenance-free
  • Reflective coating lowers your energy costs
  • Concealed fasteners for a clean look
  • Resistant to fading and chalking
  • Fireproof, rot-proof, and waterproof
  • Environmentally friendly

Universal Standing Seam Colors


Bringing That Spanish Tile Look To The East Coast

Our Grandetile line lets you get that classical Spanish tile look without having to worry about the cracking problems common with clay. Not only is our metal tiling stronger than clay, but it’s also much lighter to create less stress on the structure of your home.


  • Manufactured with industrial-grade 0.032” thick aluminum
  • 200mph wind protection
  • PVDF resin-based finishes reflect the sun’s heat and cut your energy costs
  • Will not burn—protects against flying embers from wildfires or chimneys
  • Includes a hidden drain channel for double protection against the hardest-hitting rainstorms and snowstorms
  • Environmentally friendly

Grandetile Shingle Color Options